The High King

I was once a King,

Seated on a throne high,

Those below but tiny specs of jittering sand,

Among the atoms of time.


Desperate to alleviate their dying pain,

Left me nothing but growing shame…

That here among my ivory trophies and golden chalices

Throwing out orders with a wave of my hand,

And a care-not.

That me of all people,

Among the leopards and tulips,

Gifted they say, blessed even,

For I above God and God my footstall,

The law of rule clutched in my palms

I say what I like and do

Without no need to charm.


Yes.  I was once that King…

On that throne yonder between the trees along the meadow,

Always seated and calling out,

Bring me this and get me that!


For what?

As deceased I became with time

And time lived on!

Breathless, motionless, undetectable…

To say that time flies is untrue,

We fly and time stays.


They wrapped me and carried me,

To the banks of the church for a quick blessing,

Removing the stone slab besides,

And in I was dumped.

Forgotten and gone,

In darkness,


For never to return,

For no one to hear my orders,

For God above me now…

My crown drops off my skull,

And lays beside my feet undiscovered,


I thought I was King

Not man.



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6 responses to “The High King

  1. This is a beautiful piece…
    It just reminded me of Ozymandias, if you’ve read that poem…
    Loved it and the last line was just awesome!!! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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