Reflection of the day. On existence.

Here I am, just past midnight.  Contemplating how the day went , my future goals and ambitions … my life.  Time comes into it – how much time left do I have ? And will I manage to achieve my desired goals by the time I become ‘one with the universe’? As Siddhārtha Gautama – or more commonly known as the bhudda – once said :

‘the problem is you think you have time’

That quote has always struck a chord inside me.  It always awakens me from the dogmatic slumber of my everyday life.   I think I have time , I plan and live my life as though it will last forever.  But as we know deep down nothing lasts forever.  We live under the false pretence of thinking we will last forever ,that the society and culture we have come to live and breath in is unchanging and permenent.  But once one opens a history book , or looks at some old photos ; we realise that even our way of life is not secure against the corrosive effects of time.

We give ourselves an often exaggerated time limit – unconsciously assuming we posses enough of this mysterious measurement to warrant not to worry about it.  But the sad truth is that it slowly chips away at us like rust slowly corroding metal , until the day comes when we realise time is short and almost up.

Living for the now and absolute present is difficult.  But whatever we want out of this life , it must be planned and acted on as quick and as soon as possible.  Find your love , your passion in whatever it maybe.  Work and labour to grow and better yourself intellectually , spiritually and if possible financially.  Remember that there is no ultimately happy and perfect way of living , but that that can give us as much joy as possible.

The clock is ticking , so let it tick in your favour.


Roberto 28/03/2017


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