Reflection of the day. On the universe.

The universe is a large place.  So large it’s almost inconceivable to even imagine how far it expands into the great expanse of black space.  Whereas on earth we use units of meaurements such as miles, kilometers, feets and inches ; in space we are talking years …. and hundreds of millions if not billions of them as a unit of measurement.

On earth distance and time ( though related ) are seen and treated as two different entities.  Where’s as in deep dark space distance and time become the same thing ; distance is TIME , or to put it another way time merges into and becomes a unit of distance.

Confusing ? Well I’m no physicist.  The closest I have in becoming one is when I sit on my chair and open a Physics book , while slowly being bamboozled by all the numbers , complex equations and advanced maths.  My physics career usually lasts up to 10 minutes before I put the book away again.

But anyway that’s my reflection on … space , time , distance … amazingly fascinating if not a tad confusing.


Roberto (28/03/2017)


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