Reflection of the day. On Productivity.

Productivity is a good thing.  Being productive is a good thing.  I’m not sure about the large majority of people here , but , personally , I feel out of place and ‘edgy’ when I’m not trying to better myself. Whether that means financially , intellectually or creatively speaking ; each day I wake I want to finish the day knowing I’ve learnt something , or achieved something.

Because every day is an opportunity. And no matter how we spend that day , we all know that once night time comes and the day is done, that day is finished and gone … forever.  We will not be granted a second chance , only another opportunity to start over again in the next day.

That’s why it’s so important to treat each day as a new opportunity to either learn , discover , create or produce something.  Sure we have got to work , and sure it takes out 70% of our day.  But that makes the day even more important.  That vital 30% is crucial to your spiritual and psychological development.  Take the time to try new things ; read stories and non-fiction , join activity groups and meet new people, take a course in something you’ve always wanted to try out.  And even if you didn’t enjoy something , you have still learnt something about your self .

You see life , for me anyway , is a voyage into self discovery .  It is a journey into our heart and soul.  We should test ourselves constantly , push ourselves to our limits every now and again , and take ourselves out of our comfort zone.  Fear , dread , anxiety… they await us in everything thing new that we do , and it is all too easy to just drop onto the sofa after work and lie there like a potatoe, only to repeat the same pattern day after day.

So use your precious life to grow and better yourself , work hard both spiritually and intellectually with each new day that comes with the rising sun.




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